Who are we?

What’s the Caviar Bar?

It’s a blog by four girls who have banded together to share the things they are passionate about. Three different personalities, different passions, different stories. They share one thing in common: appreciating the finer things in life and that standing out is always miles better than fitting in!

In this blog, four girls will share (and eventually update) you about the things they’re sure you’ll also love—something new about music, fashion, beauty, art, even technology and food! How cool can that be?

Why the “Caviar Bar?”

The blog title is an inside joke of sorts. It originates from one of Blair Waldorf’s quotes (we’re sure you’ve watched Gossip Girl at some point! ), : “Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.” We’ve been through that stage, which is partly one of the reasons why we banded together. Because it’s cool to be a caviar.

What can we expect to see from this blog?

Basically, it’s to share our discoveries about the things we love—that we’re sure you’d love. Everything from fashion to music to food—we could go on and on! Right now, we’re still deciding what exactly will be posted, and when! We draw inspiration from the things we see and the blogs we love! Perhaps one day, we’ll share our list of favorite blogs—and who knows, you may already know of them, and if not, then we’ll be glad you’ve found a new favorite through our blog!

We’re pretty excited to get rolling and to get to know our readers! Which means you!